Broken KDE Admin Dir

Andreas Pour pour at
Mon Jan 20 04:35:58 GMT 2003

Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Son, 19 Jan 2003, Andreas Pour wrote:
> > Since some while ago the KDE admin dir breaks compiling with KDE 3.0.
> The admin dir in 3_0_BRANCH still only requires Qt 3.0.3 ?!

I presume it's the admin dir for the 3.1 branch, but I'm not sure how to verify
that (can't find the admin dir in cvs - where does it live?).

> I don't see such a Qt requirement there.

A typical example is which appears to have a Nov. 2 timestamp. 
As it is not versioned within the document I cannot say for sure where it came
from but I have seen similar ones and they all date from about that same date. 
The relevant parts of it are:

if test -z "$1"; then
  # Current default Qt version: 3.1

^^^ this part about the current default being Qt 3.1 is what really causes the

[ ... ]

  if test "$kde_qtver" = "3"; then
    if test $kde_qtsubver -gt 0; then
      kde_qt_minversion=">= Qt 3.1 (20021021)"
      kde_qt_minversion=">= Qt 3.0"

The thing is that developers assume they can safely use the KDE head admin dir. 
IMO by default it should require qt-3.0.3 (or whatever KDE 3.0 required) and
someone must add a statement to to make it require something
different.  This is b/c a lot of people will continue to write to KDE 3.0 (so
that KDE 3.0 users can use the software) and b/c minimum requirements should be
explicitly stated rather than assumed (except of course KDE 3).
> If you're talking about HEAD, well that admin dir is for KDE 3.2, and KDE
> 3.2 will most likely require Qt 3.1, mainly because KDE 3.1 already does ;-)

I don't know, if you tell me where the lives I can find the
revision where it changed :-).



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