KDE 3.1

Andras Mantia amantia at virtualartisans.com
Sun Jan 19 20:27:04 GMT 2003

On 2003. January 19., Sunday 16:22, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Son, 19 Jan 2003, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > Have you packaged the current QUANTA_3_1_BRANCH inside the RC7?
> The position of the QUANTA_3_1 release tag indicates the state I've
> packaged.

> > And please add
> > a QUANTA_3_1_RELEASE tag to the current positions in BRANCH. I cannot do
> > now right now...
> ??! I'd have to redo the tarball then. do you want me to do that ?

When I checked I haven't saw any RELEASE tag, this is why I asked if you have 
packaged it or not. If you've done the packages yesterday or today, than it's 
OK, as the last commit to BRANCH was on Friday. I just didn't had time today 
to check the content of the packaged tarball, and I was worried as I didn't 
saw any RELEASE tag added to the CVS. As I said if you did the packages after 
Friday, than it's OK, we just need a RELEASE tag to the current state of the 
BRANCH, so we know what was released. (Sincerely I'm a little afraid of 
tagging, as once I've messed up the admin dir in the CVS with it...)


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