in-place-editing patch for konqueror bookmarks

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Fri Jan 17 08:29:06 GMT 2003

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On Thursday 16 January 2003 03:04, Oelewapperke wrote:
> and middle button ?

 i don't think that something that's generic enough behaviour to go into 
KPopupMenu.. MMB == LMB should be valid for menus, the bookmarks toolbar 
being a possible exception. but RMB == context menu is consisten with other 
widgets and useful in the kmenu, bookmark menu, quickbrowser menu and 
probably elsewhere...

> Btw I also would like gnome-like shortcut defining to
> go into it (so I will need a keypress event too ;-), to be added )

this may be very tricky to get working consistently. best would be if it were 
in QPopupMenu, but it would have to respect and work with the XMLUI framework 
(as well as hardcoded menu entries, regular KActions and possibly even 
QActions?). tricky....

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