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Jesper Juhl wrote:
>Andy Fawcett wrote:
>> On Thursday 16 January 2003 13:47, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> I just spent a few minutes checking various systems to see if /var/cache
>> is available:
>AIX does not have /var/cache.
>I just checked a few of the AIX boxes I admin to make sure, and none of them
>have a /var/cache dir.

Apparently /var/cache is Linux-specific. I wouldn't be surprised to find out 
that it was invented by the FHS guys.

So, it seems we have three options:
1) follow what the specs say and have cache files in /var/cache (in Linux) or 
/var/tmp (everywhere else)

2) use the same for all systems and save cache in /var/tmp in all platforms

3) do nothing and leave as is in /tmp

We already have a lot of different path types in KDE (just do kde-config 
- --types). Having one more for cache wouldn't hurt too much.

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