KWin and Ogle

Bj|rn Englund d4bjorn at
Thu Jan 16 11:08:05 GMT 2003

Wed Jan 15 2003, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Ogle should also do:
>  if (window_manager_supports_net_hint ("_NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN"))
>    {
>      use_net_fullscreen_with_no_unmapping_or_motif_hints();
>    }
> It shouldn't need to touch the Motif hints, or map/unmap if the WM
> supports that hint.

Ogle already does this :)
(at least in the cvs version which this was tested with)
I didn't mention this because it doesn't find that hint in this case.

STATE_FULLSCREEN works with metacity, but I have found some problems
that might need the old method (unmap/motifhints/map).
What happens when Xinerama is in use? 
STATE_FULLSCREEN will cover all screens? (most people want only one screen)
(this should be configurable, but is it in all wms?)
The same problem when xf86vidmode is used to change resolution.
STATE_FULLSCREEN will make the window cover the whole screen, not
the smaller viewport that one wants. (also configurable?).
So for these to cases one might need to use motifhints and positioning
from the program.


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