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Alexander Kellett wrote:
>well "inappropriately" fits just perfect given the fact
>that mdk seem to care more about standards than
>kde (aka mdk) startup speed.
>"incorrectly" otoh wouldn't have fitted.

Think of the following scenario: to make /tmp access even faster, I put it in 
my RAM (tmpfs filesystem on Linux). That makes all accesses there faster, 
since there is no disk I/O involved, right?

But that also means that, at every boot up, /tmp is spit clean. To support the 
ksycoca file being there when KDE is loaded, the scripts would have to copy 
the files out of /tmp during shutdown and copy them back in during boot up. 
And that's not going into the case of crashes.

That's just to prove my point that /tmp is the wrong location, at least on 
Linux and probably on other systems where /tmp is a virtual filesystem or is 
usually cleaned up during boot up (I've seen Solaris do that).

So, answering Waldo's question, IMHO, all caches and similar files should be 
in /var/tmp. And maybe there should be a symlink for that inside $KDEHOME, 
like the current $KDEHOME/tmp-$HOSTNAME (that points to /tmp).

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