KWin and Ogle

Bj|rn Englund d4bjorn at
Wed Jan 15 16:10:19 GMT 2003

Wed Jan 15 2003, Lubos Lunak wrote:

>  We have a bugreport already for this: 
>  KWin up to KDE3.1 supports only older NETWM spec version (1.0), where's no 
> support for fullscreen windows (and I personally consider Override window 
> type currenly used for KDE fullscreens a rather ugly hack). After a quick 
> look at Ogle sources, there is support for KDE, so Rob, if you're bored, you 
> may start binary search on older KWin CVS versions until you find the change 
> that broke it.
>  KWin has currently been branched in CVS (kwin_iii branch), and should be 
> hopefully fully NETWM1.2 and ICCCM2.0 compliant in KDE3.2.

After a quick test it seems that the problem could be a race condition
in kwin.
When ogle goes to/from fullscreen it unmaps the window, waits for
an UnmapNotify, changes the motif decorations, maps the window and
waits for a MapNotify.
When the disappearing window problem occurs, ogle never receives the MapNotify
and hangs waiting for it.

When inserting a sleep(1); before the map, the problem goes away,
which would point to a timing/race problem in kwin.


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