klocale patch

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Wed Jan 15 10:55:46 GMT 2003

Am Dienstag, 14. Januar 2003 16:43 schrieb CP Hennessy:
> Hi,
> 	Attached is a new method for klocale which returns a string formated to
> the current locale's conventions regarding both date and time, but :
>    *   only returns time if currentDate == date from pDateTime;
>    *   only returns time and day if (currentDate -7) < date from pDateTime;
>    *   otherwise shows same as formatDateTime above
> e.g. if the time and date is 15:35:01 14/01/03 then "15:35:01" is returned
> if the time and date is 15:35:01 13/01/03 then "Mon 15:35:01" is returned
> if the time and date is 15:35:01 03/01/03 then the standard date and time
> string is returned.
> If this is already implemented great.
> If not can I added to klocale ?
> I have been using this in KNode for the last few months with no problem
> and find it quite useful. I'd also like to see it used in KMail.
Why not use DateFormatter::fancy for knode? It does basicly what you say.

Greetings, Stephan

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