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Tue Jan 14 10:24:30 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday 14 January 2003 01:55, Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> On Monday 13 January 2003 23:55, David Faure wrote:
> > With CVS HEAD? Typing konqueror is supposed to look for a
> Hmmhmmmhmm. With HEAD it actually works just fine... the same
> konqueror-2.desktop file is generated, but it just works.

Actually it doesn't work for me - for the reasons I gave :)
You must have changed something if it works for you now :)

> > How is KOpenWith then supposed to know that this new app it never heard
> > about, can handle URLs? :)
> The best would be a way to let Konq tell KOpenWith that this is a directory.

That's only a very specific case. What if you passed a http://website/page.html
URL to konqueror via kopenwith?
kfmexec would download the HTML page locally - OUCH.

> > Possible ways to fix this:
> > * Moving konqueror.desktop to applnk/, with Type=Application, and
> > NoDisplay=true.
> > * Adding a hardcoded check for 'konqueror' in kopenwith.cpp
> > - yes it's ugly, but are there really other apps which the user is never
> > supposed to start directly, only through another app (like kfmclient) ?
> > * Adding something like X-KDE-Alias=konqueror to kfmclient.desktop and
> > adding support for aliases in kopenwith.cpp... (so that it finds
> > kfmclient.desktop when people type konqueror).
> I'm unsure, given that it actually works in HEAD. Was anything changed in that
> regard? Can anyone reproduce the problem at all (with either HEAD or 3.1)?

I can, with HEAD.

I fixed both the "error msg box doesn't stay up in kfmexec" and the
"no .desktop file for Konqueror" bugs (using method 1 above).

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