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Mon Jan 13 22:22:06 GMT 2003

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On Monday 13 January 2003 23:13, Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> On Monday 13 January 2003 22:35, you wrote:
> > Those two error messages indicate that one side of the IO-slave/application
> > pair unexpectedly disappears. If we would be logging with pid's you would
> > know which one :)
> The problem seems to be
> kfmexec: konqueror %f
> If I explicitly launch "konqueror %u" in the OpenWith dialog, it works
> perfectly.
> I guess kfmexec wants to "download" the directory because it doesn't know
> 'konqueror' understands urls.

Hmm, kfmexec's sole purpose in life _is_ to download remote files for apps which can't handle remote files.

So the real problem seems to be that kfmexec is called in the first place.
konqueror.desktop says Exec=konqueror %U .... where does the konqueror %f come from?
(%f is default, so this could also come from Exec=konqueror somewhere).

You said "open with / konqueror" - is that the menuitem or do you type konqueror in KOpenWith?
Do you have a file in $KDEHOME with Exec=konqueror?

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