Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Mon Jan 13 19:33:59 GMT 2003


it appears you've added the file hconv.cpp to kdecore, which has this 
license declaration: 

/* hconv.c
 * Copyright (c) 1992 by Waleed A. Muhanna
 * Permission for nonprofit use and redistribution of this software and·
 * its documentation is hereby granted without fee, provided that the·
 * above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright·
 * notice and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation.
 * No representation is made about the suitability of this software for any
 * purpose.  It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.
 * Send any comments/suggestions/fixes/additions to:
 *·     ·       wmuhanna at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

I believe this license is not compatible with LGPL, and as such it cannot be 
used in kdecore. 

Please provide the code under an apropriate license or remove it. 

( http://developer.kde.org/documentation/licensing/policy.html )


Dirk (received 695 mails today)

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