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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Sun Jan 12 23:18:36 GMT 2003


after I accidentally lost my .kde dir tonight (we should really implement 
rsync'ing ~/.kde by default to ~/.kde.backup or something *hmpf*) I found 
that the default settings have been changed in regards to setting the 
background image and the kicker buttons for a first startup. I don't know who 
changed it or who had the idea, but however, kpersonalizer used the 
default_gears.jpg wallpaper instead of the previous default_blue.jpg one.

While I think that changing things in the UI where they make sens is nice, I 
don't think this wallpaper is appropriate as a default one, because it really 
really hurts eyes and doesn't really fit in. The two-color gradient 
background is even much better. So I would like to ask if (as tackat has a 
very large lag time these days and I can't follow everything) we could revert 
to the default_blue wallpaper as the appended patch does. I'm sorry to come 
up with this last-minute patch but I think it is necessary for consistency 
reasons that we ship KDE with.

The other patch is changing the default apps that show up in kicker. It 
reduces the number of them, and the reason I would like to pick this up is 
because a) the icons don't really match each other if they are so close to 
each other b) kword resp. koffice doesn't have chrystal icons yet so the 
kword icon really really hurts here more than it is of any use. Placing it on 
the desktop would even be better for future releases, but the distributors 
can do that as well (or the koffice package itself has to do that IMHO)

So, this patch removes the big settings menu although other people may think 
it's useful - I would even suggest replacing it with kcontrol like KDE always 
has been - and removes the kwrite and kword icons because it really hurts to 
see those icons - they just don't match :-((

If you want to argue, go ahead, I'm heading 30 and I'm not up for any 
discussions after fighting with kdebindings and debian packaging :-) In case 
there are any objections, ask Dirk for advice :-)

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Ralf Nolden
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