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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Sun Jan 12 21:25:41 GMT 2003

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On Sunday 12 January 2003 09:06, Rob Kaper wrote:
> I got the following bug report:
> and while I have been able to avoid the situation in my app, it does seem
> like a bug that one can (reproducably) freeze a KDE session. It happens
> when a combobox gets setEnabled(false) while a user has opened (expanded as
> opposed to collapsed) it, trying to make a selection.

interestingly, i stumbled upon what may be a related but just today: if a 
combobox is open and another window gets focus, then all widget focus seems 
to be lost. i could switch between desktops using the keyboard shortcuts, but 
that's about it. i had to switch to console and kill the offending 
application and eventually kwin came back to life.

i accomplished this state of affairs by hitting the key combo to launch 
konsole and then started typing into a combobox that caused the 
autocompletions to show... i had unfortunate split second timing, it seems, 
but it is possible to do...

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