user interaction in kimgio plugins

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Sat Jan 11 16:35:55 GMT 2003

On Saturday 11 January 2003 16:36, Michael Ritzert wrote:
> I just went through the code in kpaint that is invoked when saving the
> image. Basically it all comes down to QPixmap::save. Unfortunately I can't
> find a single place where a QWidget* or sth. similar is passed that could
> be stored for a start. So I doubt it will be possible to find a BC
> "plug-and-play" solution.

It think you should aim for a BC, "change-the-application-to-use-it" solution 
:-) E.g. if you were to make a KImageFileDialog, KPaint would have to be 
changed to make use of that. The actual KImageFileDialog class could then 
take care of the saving and since it would be closesly tied to KImageIO it 
could do all kind of dirty tricks to pass information to the plugins.

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