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Sat Jan 11 12:06:25 GMT 2003

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On Saturday January 11, 2003 01:38, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> I already provided feedback to Dominique. I think, it's ready replace
> cvs2pack. I'm a bit puzzled about the configure checks it creates, I
> wonder who build that in (Dominique didn't know), because it's useless
> as configure checks should be in subdir/

It's there for separate packaging of plugins that are kept and developed in
the parent application's source tree.  This is useful for packaging
plugins new in HEAD that will work with the BRANCH released app.  In this
case an extra will just get in the way.  Some of the first
things packages with cvs2dist were Kolf plugins written post-freeze, and
early testing I did was with a Noatun plugin.

Also, not everyone has spent enough hours banging their head into the
autotools to be comfortable writing configure checks.  Passing a couple
command line options is a lot easier than writing a check, so the feature
is useful even for app plugins developed separately. :-)

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