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On Thursday 09 January 2003 13:37, Marco Fioretti wrote:
|  On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 06:08:29 at 06:08:29AM -0300, Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett 
(duncan at wrote:
|  > El Thursday 09 January 2003 04:12, Marco Fioretti escribió:
|  > > Web sites should explicitly support Free standards (HTML 4, CSS,
|  > > whatever). They should force users to use *any* browser fully
|  > > respecting those standards, shouldn't they?
|  >
|  > Yes, if a site tries to kick you out because you don't use IE or NS
|  > detecting it through the agent string, the webmaster is wrong, and he
|  > should fix his site, not us our browser
|  >
|  > It is funny when a site kicks you out, then you select a fake IE
|  > identity using that plugin, and the site renders perfectly
|  Is it ridiculous and dangerous, more than funny, isn't it? Especially
|  when done not for ignorance or design laziness, but as a license
|  requirement, as mentioned here:
|  Is there an http header called "CSS_LEVEL_SUPPORT",
|  HTML_LEVEL_SUPPORT, or something. It is the standard in the first
|  place that should provide, instead of, or in addition to User-Agent,
|  the tools to behave properly, right?

You don't need headers like this, you should check corresponding DOM methods 
before using those methods and this would do the trick,

It's quite common(recommended) to use Document.getElementById to check DOM 
support in browser 9see attached example).
If you want to create some eleemnts dynamicaly - check createElement first, to 
be sure that it's supported.

For example, Document.getElementById  returns True in Opera6, but 
createElement method is not supported.

As about CSS - there is a well-defined fallback mechanism in CSS itself, I 
doubt you need any special methods to check it.

|  	Ciao,
|  		Marco Fioretti


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