Konqueror problem in HEAD and 3.1.0 branch

Andras Mantia amantia at virtualartisans.com
Fri Jan 10 17:16:14 GMT 2003

> even after quit/restart, I get a similar picture! Can you tell me now, how
> to get back a normal Konqui window?
Renaming konquerorrc helped...

> Here is another (currently unreproducable) strange behaviour of Konqui (or
> KWin?):
> http://www.virtualartisans.com/kde/andras/strange-konqui.jpg
> Notice the accelerator keys in menu texts and in "Location" (aside of the
> rendering bug). I was looking at www.indaco.ro, and tried to make font size
> bigger/smaller with shift-mousewheel in order to see when the rendering bug
> appears.

And I can reproduce it... Steps:

1. Open http://www.indaco.ro/tvamal/
2. Play with the mouse to change the font size (shift-mousewheel)
3. switch to another window and back.

Looking at the symptoms it may be a QT bug. Can someone verify it, so I may be 
sure that it's not an X drivers (nvidia) problem?


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