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Fri Jan 10 16:26:41 GMT 2003


because the maintainer did not answer to my mail including a nice patch (sent 
on dec 27th 2002) I'll post it here now :)

Here's the original mail I sent:


I frequently got annoyed by zipfiles with their directories shown twice and no 
files in them. I debugged it some more and it seems to come from this 
difference (unzip -l listing of two files):

Length   Date     Time    Name
-------  ----     ----    ----
      0  12-27-02 12:28   ordner/unterordner2/
4656012  12-22-02 18:39   ordner/unterordner2/p3b-f-104.pdf
  44605  12-06-02 10:33   ordner/unterordner2/tcpdump_no_answer.txt

Length   Date     Time    Name
-------  ----     ----    ----
    237  11-22-02 10:46   System/Manga.upl
      0  11-22-02 10:50   System/
 428606  11-22-02 10:46   Animations/MangaB.ukx
      0  11-22-02 10:51   Animations/

As you can see the files come before the directory-entry in the listing. This 
seems to be a weirdness by some zip-archiver on windows, probably maybe even 
the very well known WinZip. Midnight Commander had the same problem in 
earlier versions btw :)

Attached is a patch doing the following:
if entry is a dir first check if we already have it appended, if yes set entry 
to 0L which later results in not appending any entry at all.
For broken ZIPs the dir-entries then get added by the findOrCreate()-call some 
lines below.

I tested this with a selfmade ZIP and different downloaded ZIPs (windows and 
unix downloads) and it worked fine for me.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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