kdeaccessibility package (was: Inclusion of kmag into kdegraphics?)

Olaf Jan Schmidt olaf at amen-online.de
Thu Jan 9 11:27:12 GMT 2003

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[Stephan Kulow]
> > On Montag Dezember 30 2002 10:36, Stephan Binner wrote:
> > > seems it's the time for KDE 3.2 proposals: Are there any arguments
> > > against including KMagnifier (http://kmag.sourceforge.net/) into
> > > kdegraphics?
> > [..]
> I'm fine with including it too (in case it's not there yet :)

The discussion on kde-core-devel and kde-accessibility concluded to add 
kmag into a new kdeaccessibility module. Since noone disagreed with 
creating a new module kdeaccessibility, David Faure created it on 3 Jan.

The kdeaccessibility module is maintained by Gunnar and Pupeno.
It will contain (currently it is empty, we are preparing the moves):

KMag (a screen magnifier)
KMousetool (for people whom it hurts to click the mouse)
KMouth (for people who have lost their voice)
Konqui speaker plug-in (for text-to-speech conversion)
Kate speaker plug-in (for text-to-speech conversion)
(eventually also the AT-SPI -> KDE client side bridge, but that's future 

It is still unclear where Pupeno's KDE text to speech deamon (currently 
known as Proklam, probably to be renamed into kttsd) will go - the KDEAP 
aggrees that kdebase or kdelibs makes more sense, but we can discuss this 
once the first version of the kttsd has been released.

We plan to make a release for KDE 3.0 and KDE 3.1 in a few weeks, and to 
release the next version together with KDE 3.2 - either independently but 
at the same point of time, or preferably as part of KDE 3.2. I suggest to 
decide this after we have made the first release of kdeaccessibility. Is 
that OK?


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