New module for KPovModeler

Klas Kalass klas.kalass at
Thu Jan 9 09:52:12 GMT 2003

Am Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2003 10:31 schrieb David Faure:
> On Thursday 09 January 2003 09:36, Andreas Zehender wrote:
> > Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > > My opinion on this module number issue hasn't changed much over the
> > > years: if you don't have another app to be grouped with, leave it in
> > > kdegraphics when you want to be part of 3.2. If you want to release
> > > independent, go into kdeextragear
> >
> > Now we have a difficult situation. I _want_ to leave it in kdegraphics
> > and be part of 3.2, but some developers requested to move it to another
> > module because it is too big and too specific for general distribution.
> >
> > Is it really an option to stay in the kdegraphics package? I didn't
> > think so up to now.
> IMHO it is an option. It's those developers who are wrong. If they don't
> want to check it out when working on kdegraphics, they don't have to.
> "cvs checkout" and "cvs update" are not "all or nothing" things, they can
> also selectively check out the things they need.
AFAIR it was also about the small user group that kpovmodeller has. I think 
that the question is how specialized an application in a KDE module should 
be. kdegraphics is released as one package, but I am pretty sure that only a 
very small percentage of people who want kdegraphics also want kpovmodeler.
The other apps are relevant for "normal" desktop use (fax, scan, file 
viewing,....), but kpovmodeler is only relevant for people wanting to make 3D 

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