[Issue N13576] qt 3.1.1 / Fontconfig build

qt-bugs at trolltech.com qt-bugs at trolltech.com
Wed Jan 8 14:52:29 GMT 2003

On Tuesday, 31. Dec 2002 17:24 Julian Rockey wrote:

Hello Julian,

> I'm forwarding this patch to qt-bugs as advised on the kde-core-devel
> list.
> The attached patch fixes problems with building the qt-3.1.1 (the
> qt-copy version held by KDE) with fontconfig/Xft2, by:
> (a) ensuring /usr/local is searched, in case you have fontconfig/Xft2
> installed there; and
> (b) moving the derivation of XFTNAMEUNPARSE to before it's first used
> (!) (otherwise fontconfig does not get added to the list of libraries
> to be linked)

Thanks for the patch, but this behavior has already been fixed.  You can
try out one of our nightly snapshots to get the corrected Xft2

> cheers
> Julian

Bradley T Hughes
Trolltech AS, Waldemar Thranes gt. 98, N-0175 Oslo, Norway

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