ANNOUNCE: kde-optimize@ mailing list

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Wed Jan 8 11:58:38 GMT 2003


 there has been set up a new list called kde-optimize at, dedicated to 
working on optimizing KDE (the subscribe address is the usual 
kde-optimize-request at

 I'd like to stress the word 'working'. This mailing list is not for people 
who would only complain (or other similar things that wouldn't result in 
something useful). In other words, this list is for developers, who are 
willing to actively work on optimizing KDE, or who have the knowledge to help 
others with doing so (I guess that means you can also try your luck if you 
need to advice with optimizing your app).

 As a futile attempt to make sure nobody misses the thing written in the 
previous paragraph, I'll put next to it this: (It's a page with a handful 
of tips how to make your KDE start faster/use less memory, mostly based on an 
older mail from me. Feel free to send me more good tips.) If you qualify only 
as Joe User (no offense), that's the only possibly interesting thing for you 
in this mail.

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