KMail IMAP problems

Zack Rusin zack at
Tue Jan 7 07:44:18 GMT 2003

On Monday 06 January 2003 19:17, Helge Deller wrote:
> Hi,
> KMail in CVS head is broken since a few days in regard to work
> with two or more IMAP accounts simultanously.
> Moving mails directly from one IMAP account to another one either
> does nothing or crashes KMail. Also the indirection to move one IMAP
> mail to the local folder and then to the other IMAP folder tends to
> crash Kmail too.
> While the few of you who continue to merge the different KMail
> branches, could you please look into this problem too ?

Michael fixed a variation of this bug about two months ago. Then I fixed 
it twice in KMail, both with and without folder jobs. I'll look into 
For the future instead of posting bugs to kde-core you should open a bug 
report and attach the backtrace.


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