Julian Rockey linux at jrockey.com
Sun Jan 5 17:02:26 GMT 2003

On Sunday 05 Jan 2003 4:50 pm, Ralf Nolden wrote:
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> On Sonntag, 5. Januar 2003 16:23, Julian Rockey wrote:
> > Is it only me or is make apidox broken in KDE_3_1_BRANCH?
> works fine for me here with packaging KDE for debian. You may want to give
> it a try :-)
Give what a try? Packaging KDE - Debian - or make apidox again?! :-)

Trouble is, I don't know which error is causing it to stop - and I can't seem 
to force it through with make -k -- so I end up with only part of the docs 

But if no-one else is having problems, I guess it's just something wrong this 
end. I'll try to figure it out sometime -- or just download it pre-built from 
somewhere (Debian?)


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