New module for KPovModeler

Andras Mantia amantia at
Sun Jan 5 18:15:39 GMT 2003

On Saturday 04 January 2003 18:25, Neil Stevens wrote:
> So how about moving Quanta to kdesdk?

I'm against moving it to another module. This was discussed (I don't know if 
on the list or in private) when the decision was made to release Quanta 
together with KDE. It will grow, will have more subprojects inside, and it 
may cause the same pain for those who are not intrested in web developement 
as kpovmodeler cause for those who are not intrested in 3d modelling. It just 
cause one of the base modules to be big. With this idea, we could move 
kdevelop inside kdesdk... ;-)
 Anyway, I'm in favour of move big apps in their own modules. This makes 
downloading faster for those who have slow connections, and I don't think 
that has a bad infulence on releases (maybe a plus job for packagers). And of 
course, you should count the size of the sources, and not the number of files 
or the number of lines in a file. In RC6, Quanta is 2.6MB and kdesdk is 
2.1MB. Do you want to make kdesdk suddenly twice as big? ;-)


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