wrong placement of shortcut configuration in kcontrol

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at olympusproject.org
Thu Jan 2 02:00:37 GMT 2003

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On Wednesday 01 January 2003 10:54, Ellis Whitehead wrote:
> IMHO, "Keyboard Shortcuts" has been moved to an inappropriate sub-section
> of kcontrol in 3.1: "Regional & Accessibility".
> The old "Look & Feel" section where it used to be is gone, but the
> "Appearance & Theme" subsection that contains most of the old "Look & Feel"
> modules is still nonetheless the best place for shortcut configuration,
> since a shortcut setup is also about a "theme".

many, many other kcontrol modules are also about "themes" (e.g. System 
Notifications, Kicker panel layout, etc...). the point of Appearance and 
Themes is to contain things that alter the way the entire desktop and all KDE 
applications look.

> Considering that shortcuts have essentially nothing to do with either
> region or the normal concept of accessibility, can we fix this before 3.1
> is released?

it's how you use the keyboard to access features in apps ;-) yes, a little 
weak. but "peripherals" isn't "right" either (hardware), and it doesn't have 
anything to do with the way things look. it does, however, put it next to the 
keyboard layout control panel.

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