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It is that simple: many people want juk to be in kdemultimedia, many of them 
are kde developers. juk may have some "duplicated code" for stuff that could 
be done somewhere else in kde, fine, but atm IT IS NOT DONE somewhere else in 
kde. Surely the juk maintainers would have no problems if somebody works that 
code into the parts of kde where it belongs and let them use it.

my opinion: move it to kdemultimedia, we have months of testing before the 3.2 
release and the coders have months of working on the code.

To provide juk as noatun plugins would give the users exactly nothing if this 
plugin config would not be default, as to require that the users find some 
buttons in some settingsdialog to maybe configure noatun to match a program 
that they could launch with one click is not that usability friendly I guess.

That the people who works on noatun are not that happy to have just an other 
player/jukebox in kdemultimedia is no reason to not move it in. I am not 
happy with having a kvim part lying around in kde usability wise, as I think 
vim is a hell for usability, but as many people like it (which I can 
understand, as it is damn stable and powerfull and many people are used to it 
from unix) I accept that it will be included in kde 3.2, too. Same should go 
for the kdemultimedia people. Perhaps juk not match all they want, but juk 
matches what many users want, a easy to use out of the box working jukebox. 
It is not that flexible as noatun, but that is it's strength: you start it, 
you use it, it works. (not saying that noatun doesn't work, it works too, but 
for the user wanting per default some kind of jukebox, juk is much more 
usable, at least in my eyes, but noatun is much more flexible, for perhaps 
the more "expert" users)


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