Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Fri Feb 28 17:39:41 GMT 2003

On Friday 28 February 2003 04:54, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> People have been asking since long before the release if / when I
> would move JuK to KDE CVS.  So, that's the topic of this email.  :-)

And I was one of them as I simply love JuK :)

> Developer interest has also been high, and these have been the guys
> bugging me to move JuK from SourceForge CVS into KDE's.  Plus I
> wouldn't mind the extra contributors.  :-)
> So, are there any objections to moving the repository into KDE CVS? 
> (note: I'd want an actualy server move rather than a fresh import
> because there's a lot of version history there.  It's been in CVS for
> 1 year.)  At this point I've been convinced that KDE Multimedia is
> the best place for it, mainly because I'm horrible about organizing
> releases.  Also I think it's saft to say that JuK would get a little
> more use than ArtsBuilder for instance.  :-) However, if there is
> broad objection here, I'd be willing to fall back to KDE Extra Gear.

Personally I think kdemm is by far the best choice simply because JuK is 
the best music player we have right now and most probably will have in 
any foreseeable future. Start importing! :)


If it ain't broke, you need more software.

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