Alexander Kellett lypanov at kde.org
Fri Feb 28 10:41:12 GMT 2003

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 10:54:09AM +0100, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> So, are there any objections to moving the repository into KDE CVS?  (note: 
> I'd want an actualy server move rather than a fresh import because there's a 
> lot of version history there.  It's been in CVS for 1 year.)  At this point 
> I've been convinced that KDE Multimedia is the best place for it, mainly 
> because I'm horrible about organizing releases.  Also I think it's saft to 
> say that JuK would get a little more use than ArtsBuilder for instance.  :-) 
> However, if there is broad objection here, I'd be willing to fall back to KDE 
> Extra Gear.
> Thoughts?

Suits me perfectly, linux has for a long time needed something
that compares to zinf (previously freeamp) that doesn't crash
every four or five minutes. No objections from me. In fact i'll
be quite likely to use/work on it if the source is in CVS.

KDE Multimedia is the logical place to me as Juk isn't a duplication 
of any effort in there, its a tagger and jukebox, not just a player.


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