Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Feb 28 09:54:09 GMT 2003

Well, as many of you know JuK 1.0 came out about 10 days ago.  For those of 
you that aren't familiar with JuK, it's a jukebox type-o-thing for KDE.


(Screenies and such, also CVS instructions there -- HEAD has had a number of 
cleanups relative to the 1.x branch.)

On almost every platform there is a dominant Winamp clone-ish thing (Winamp, 
XMMS, Noatun) and a dominant jukebox (iTunes, RealOne, RhythmBox).  (For 
those that are not familiar with RhythmBox, that's the Gnome jukebox 

People have been asking since long before the release if / when I would move 
JuK to KDE CVS.  So, that's the topic of this email.  :-)

So, some of the notable things about JuK are tagging, playlist management, 
import and export of m3u files, audio meta data and playlist caching, output 
support for aRts and GStreamer (uses aRts by default).  And there's quite a 
list of features that the couple of us working on it have on our TODO.  :-)

JuK also have been received really well, it's already been picked up by SuSE, 
Gentoo, Debian, Mandrake (contrib) and FreeBSD (shortly).  And there were 
over 600 downloads in the first day that it was out (even before all of these 
packages were available).  So far the feedback has been great.

Developer interest has also been high, and these have been the guys bugging me 
to move JuK from SourceForge CVS into KDE's.  Plus I wouldn't mind the extra 
contributors.  :-)  

So, are there any objections to moving the repository into KDE CVS?  (note: 
I'd want an actualy server move rather than a fresh import because there's a 
lot of version history there.  It's been in CVS for 1 year.)  At this point 
I've been convinced that KDE Multimedia is the best place for it, mainly 
because I'm horrible about organizing releases.  Also I think it's saft to 
say that JuK would get a little more use than ArtsBuilder for instance.  :-) 
However, if there is broad objection here, I'd be willing to fall back to KDE 
Extra Gear.




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