reducing number of lines for configure

Michael Matz matz at
Wed Feb 26 13:56:45 GMT 2003


On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> > small try, I don't think we still need MICO checks. The second one is the
> > more interesting, I hope the comments explains it. It works for me (TM), but
> > as we all know :-/, that doesn't mean it will necessarily work for everybody.
> Hmm, doesn't that mean that the line numbers it passes to the configure
> check with the #line cpp command are totally bogus now?

That were during autoconf 2.13 times.  The current ones have dynamic
creation of those numbers each time configure is started (it creates a
copy of itself, with $LINENO substituted by the real linenumber, and
sources that then).


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