New KTabWidget

Stephan Binner binner at
Wed Feb 26 10:23:16 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 22:21, Douglas Hanley wrote:

> Ok, so I finished that KTabWidget I promised.  I also wrote a little helper
> application to test it out.  You can get it at my website:

This looks like a good start. KTabWidget::moveTabLeft/Right looks unfinished.
The final one should be more powerful including (wishlist from

 - Look like tabs rather than buttons.
 - Optional close buttons within each tabs, opt. only shown on hover (#46726).
 - Allow to rearrange tabs by Drag'n'Drop or Middle-Mouse-Moving (#50747).
 - Allow Drag and Drop of objects/urls to or from a tab (#41853).
 - Allow Drag and Drop of objects to empty tab space for new tab (#50747).
 - Allow to react to double-click (rename?) and middle-click on tab (#48417).
 - Allow own popup for "New" QToolButton (like Konsole session chooser).
 - Left/right aka vertical tab mode (#54194).


Can you please put it into and develop in CVS (e.g. kdenonbeta/ktabwidget)?


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