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On Sunday 23 February 2003 12:27, George Staikos wrote:
> in HEAD, opening apps from the system tray works fine (for instance
> clicking on the kscd or kmix tray icon opens the window).  However, closing
> the window via the system tray icon doesn't work.  It works fine in
> 3.1-branch.  Did anyone change something that could affect this recently? 
> One thing I did not ice is that if I click really quickly approximately 6
> times it often closes the app, though not always.

ok, did a bit of poking about in the sources and the problem is this:

if the window is visible (e.g. not hid()den) then checks to see if it is the 
active window. if it not the active window, then it tries to see if the 
window is simply obscured by another window in the way. it seems to try to 
assess this with the following code:

        KWinModule mod;
        if ( mod.stackingOrder().last() != pw->winId() )

problem is that  mod.stackingOrder().last() NEVER equals pw->winId... i'm not 
familiar with the KWin stacking code, so i don't know exactly what this is 
really supposed to do, but i assume it's trying to see if it is the top-most 
windw on the desktop. no matter what, though, it always evaluates to true and 
the window is ALWAYS raised. even if it is plainly visible; even if the 
window in question has keyboard focus!

 stackingOrder().last() gives a different value almost every time the system 
tray icon is clicked on... =/

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