System tray problems in HEAD

Melchior FRANZ a8603365 at
Sun Feb 23 16:57:56 GMT 2003

* Aaron J. Seigo -- Sunday 23 February 2003 11:38:
> On Sunday 23 February 2003 12:27, George Staikos wrote:
> > 3.1-branch.  Did anyone change something that could affect this recently?
> it's revision 1.23 to kdeui/ksystemtray.cpp ... reverting that makes it work
> again here ... i'm not sure exactly which part of it is the problem (it's
> something in toggleMinimizeRestore) as i've having difficulties getting
> repeatable results...

The problem, as far as I've understood, is this: Before 1.23 an LMB click
did only hide/unhide the window. The patch raises and activates the window
if it isn't active, and only hides active windows. Now, with "Focus (Strictly)
Under Mouse" the window can =never= be active, as soon as I moved the mouse
to the systray. So it will =always= only be raised and activated, and never
  The only solution (apart from reverting) would IMHO be to change line 130
to something like this:

   if ( visible && !pw->isActiveWindow() && !underMousePolicy() )

where underMousePolicy would have to be written first. Unfortunately, I
couldn't find out how to query the focus policy (apart from asking kwinrc).

> right clicking also fixes it. left clicking in the system tray where there
> aren't any icons when the window is visible triggers it every time as well.

Well, at least for kscd, RMB clicking is already used for the context menu.
But I remember that triggering the "Minimize" menu entry in the context menu
made unhiding work =once=. After that it refused to work again.


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