Kopete in kdenetwork

Simon Hausmann hausmann at kde.org
Sun Feb 23 14:21:02 GMT 2003

On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 07:32:27PM +1100, Daniel Stone wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 12:18:41PM -0500, George Staikos scrawled:
> >    One more point, shipping SSL code that doesn't conform to KDE settings, or 
> > that does not even implement basic authenticity checks should not go into 
> > distribution.  We have had to make security advisories about much smaller 
> > things already.
> FWIW, libpsi proper will never use KDE SSL stuff, for obvious reasons.
> I'm sure someone with time (and a working computer, and an Internet
> connection at home) could fix this, it wouldn't be that hard.

His point remains though: Unless the authenticity of the SSL peer is
verified (for example using the signatures that KDE's ssl code
ships) the whole thing is as secure as an unencrypted connection.


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