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Le Samedi 22 Février 2003 16:44, Oswald Buddenhagen a écrit :
> On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 02:26:23AM +0100, Mickael Marchand wrote:
> > > > I just noticed that kprocess->start(KProcess::Block) no longer
> > > > returns when starting 'vim -g' inside it. That used to work in 3.1.x
> > >
> > > which additional options (communication mode, pty settings) were used?
> > > is it some code in cvs?
> >
> > yes, the current vimpart in KEG-1
> > (vimwidget.cpp, look at the constructor)
> ok, i had a look. everything works as expected.
> passing any communication options is simply inappropriate in your case.
> i don't think that kprocess behaved differently any time not so far away
> ...
I did not change a single line in the vimpart since 3.1 is out and it used to 
work fine. Actually I have not change it for the last 5 months seeing CVS 
logs :) (until last night)
looks strange than redirecting outputs interfers with the Block parameter no ?

> btw, you should not use dynamic allocations where local variables can be
> used. additionally, you probably should do a mem leak audit.
I know it's not clean, i did thousands of tests to properly embed the process 
window and I had tens of versions of the kpart. Since we have a working 
qxembed now, I'll do some cleanup and mem check.

> another thing: are you sure that both the -c and --cmd commands are
> needed?
yes it is
it avoids flickering because vim tries twice to load the toolbars and menus.
not noticeable on fast machines, but really ugly on slow one :)

thanks for the patch,

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