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El Saturday 22 February 2003 10:01, Neil Stevens escribió:
> Some of us don't think promoting AOL, Microsoft, or Yahoo services exactly
> help the end-user.

well, we are not promoting them, I am not going to start a stupid thread. 
There are other developer's opinions that I care more than your personal 
Kopete boicot. The propietary services thread makes no sense, and we already 
had enough of those. 

> The author disagrees with the state of libpsi.  Justin plans to remove it
> from public CVS soon, to rename and rewrite a lot of it.

He can rewrite it in a branch, then we port the plugin, it is stable and that 
is what matters, there has been very unstable software in kde (kdepim lot of 
time ago) or even stable software with bad design (Kit's TAim). So judging a 
relatively stable pice as libpsi makes no much sense. If it is stable and 
works, it makes no sense to keep it out, we can port the plugin later to the 
new version.

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