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Sat Feb 22 12:47:13 GMT 2003

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El Saturday 22 February 2003 09:44, Neil Stevens escribió:
> Should KDE include anything that is tied to a proprietary protocol?  If
> not, Kopete plugins like OSCAR should remain in kdenonbeta.
> Should KDE include anything is tied to a proprietary service (open protocol
> or not)?  If not, Kit should be moved out, and several Kopete plugins
> should remain in kdenonbeta.

uhm... I think KDE should focuse in end-user, and end user wants to chat in 
MSN, icq, AOL, and they don't care religious issues. As long the plugins are 
compatible in terms of code license I see no problems. 

> libpsi is nowhere near ready for a KDE release yet, therefore the jabber
> plugin should stay in kdenonbeta or thereabouts.  It uses nothing in
> kdelibs, and even has its own SSL implementation.  Justin Karneges, Till
> Gerken, and I have been looking at ways to make it useful for KDE apps
> witout forking, but nothing has been produced yet.

libpsi is very stable, I don't know if you use Kopete jabber plugin, but I use 
it daily, not feature complete but thats not part of KDE policy. The KDE 
integration can be done slowly, but having it in KDE would promote jabber 
usage more.

> Eventually some of us want to see the to-be-renamed jabber library in
> kdelibs, but that's another matter.

I agree.... libpsi is not a name that makes sense

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