direct slot invocation (Re: kdelibs/kdecore)

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Mon Feb 17 19:28:46 GMT 2003

El Lunes, 17 de Febrero de 2003 09:34, Simon Hausmann escribió:
> Much simpler idea: Why not use Qt properties for retrieving the
> text? Once you know the 'address' of the focus widget in the Qt dcop
> bridge of the process just query the text property (and fall back to
> something like currentText if it doesn't exist, or the like) .

Much simpler indeed :-) 
In fact, I'm used to show in my talks the ability to get properties using 
the dcop shell ( where's a paper bag I can wear? ).
Btw, still, someone should add a dcop method that returns the dcop name of 
the Qt widget that has the focus. I'll have a look next weekend if nobody 
does it earlier.


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