[PATCH] [pls apply!] Bug #54281 (crash): Konsole crashes on output of certain characters

Karl Vogel kvo--kde at seagha.be
Sun Feb 16 23:44:07 GMT 2003

Stephan Binner wrote:

> On Saturday 15 February 2003 13:44, Karl Vogel wrote:
>> Following patches fix a problem in kdecore which was the reason of the
>> konsole crashes.
> Why does kprocess.patch return false? I would say true and drop
> konsole.patch.
> Bye,
>    Steve

Well that's fine by me. I don't really know the KProcess framework, so I
considered returning false would indicate something is wrong.

With that patch in, the Konsole patch isn't really necessary, but I thought
it would be nicer to catch the error upstream.

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