direct slot invocation (Re: kdelibs/kdecore)

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Sun Feb 16 22:58:47 GMT 2003

On Sunday 16 February 2003 23:40, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez wrote:
> Sorry, I've not been following the thread, but isn't it better to use 
> something along the lines of
> KXMLGUIClient::action("edit_cut")->activate();  in the application code 
> than hardwiring a slot name ( "cut()" ) in KApplication given that some 
> applications may name it different ?
> Of course, this doesn't work to invocate a "named slot" in a variable, but 
> at least IMHO it's better than hardwiring slot names in KApplication for 
> the above case.
> Sorry if I'm out of topic. I'm really short of time lately to read all the 
> threads.

Yes, this is something different.  See my explanation in:

Subject: [patch] application wide edit (cut, copy, paste) actions

Sent yesterday.  Rather than restating it here, I'll leave it up to you to 
read that if you're interested and ask for clarification then.



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