Call for help: l10n of addressing formats

Jost Schenck jost.schenck at
Sat Feb 15 11:18:00 GMT 2003

I'd like to request help in localizing addressing formats.

For quite some time now, the HEAD branch contains code in kabc for 
international addressing formats. Before, for example in kaddressbook all 
addresses were formatted in the style of US addresses. Now this is done 
according to some special fields in a country's entry.desktop file; for most 
countries these fields have not yet been written, so for them address 
formatting still falls back to US format. 

I'd be very happy if people would contribute address formatting fields for 
their countries. As on kde-pim nobody has objected the current implementation 
I assume the format of these fields to be stable. To check how address 
formatting works for your country, open kaddressbook and open the edit dialog 
for an addressee; there you should see the formatted address (in that preview 
panel in the standard kaddressbook view it is not yet localized due to 
performance problems that I want to solve when I have the time).

Documentation on how to write address formatting descriptions can be found in 
kdelibs/kabc/README.AddressFormat. Please also have a look at the address 
descriptions I have already written for an idea on how this will look like. 
You can find these in kdebase/l10/, country codes at, au, ca, de, hu, jp and 
us. If you find errors in these ones, please point me to them or correct 

The following links on addressing formats are interesting and maybe useful but 
unfortunately often incomplete, outdated or wrong :( Anyway, maybe they can 
help you:

If anything isn't clear to you from this mail or the above mentioned README, 
please contact me! Also, if you need additional fields or have the feeling 
that the current implementation can not correctly reflect your country's 
format, I'll happily try to provide a solution.

Finally: can I forward this mail to all coordinators on or would this be considered too 

Thanks a lot for your help,

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