Broken Binary Compatibility in 3.1.0

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Feb 13 15:26:37 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 11 February 2003 21:05, George Staikos wrote:
> - Removing or changing commandline parameters
> - Removing or changing dcop methods
> - Renaming modules that are loaded by others
> - Changing application executable names
> - Removing or renaming libraries

Another thing to note is that HiColor icons have been broken in HEAD for maybe 
a month, but I think this happened after the branch.  Right now HiColor icons 
installed by 3rd party apps aren't found either by KDE Classic of Crystal.

I'm sure this has something to do with the theme inheritance and whatnot -- 
could someone take a look at this?  (I am ignorant of all things dealing with 


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