[BUG] changes saved with KConfig are not know by KConfigGroup

Willy De la Court Willy.DelaCourt at pandora.be
Wed Feb 12 18:32:29 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 12 February 2003 18:21, David Faure wrote:
> Normal, that's another KConfig object. There's no cross-kconfig-object
> notification, and this is exactly why it's much better to write stuff
> to KGlobal::config instead of writing it to kdeglobals by hand.
> > any sollution to this problem or should the source of all programs that
> > use kdeglobals be changed to use KConfigGroup with KGlobal::config()
> They should, yes.
> (KConfigGroup is only one way. You can also setGroup(new)/setGroup(old)
> or use KConfigGroupSaver. I'm just saying this in case you see old code:
> if it uses any of those 3 ways, it's fine. For new code KConfigGroup is the
> best though).

good well no not good when my next patch is finished i will maybe go hunting 
for references to kdeglobals and change them to use KGlobal::config() so they 
are all consistent.

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