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Wed Feb 12 12:16:14 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 12 February 2003 00:59, you wrote:
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> BTW I always find a bit strange checkboxes that are checked _and_ disabled.
> One always wonder: what is this going to do, that I can't change?
> What about not checking that checkbox by default, at least until enabling
> it?
yes i know i'm going to uncheck it so default is unchecked like it was before 
i find that new functionality in UI is best left disabled untel the users 
demand it be made default

but there is something else what if the user select a service that already 
exists and has the "Run in terminal" and No close on exit" also checked
i see the code to reenable the "Run in terminal" but the no close on exit wil 
not be reenabled so thats something i need to fix too.

i'm still thinking about adding a checkbox in the keditfiletype because a 
normal user does not know about the --noclose so we need to provide a 
checkbox for it.

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