Add setMinFontSize(int) to KHTMLSettings

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Sat Feb 8 02:22:24 GMT 2003

On Fre, 07 Feb 2003, Ingo Kl?cker wrote:

> in KMail it's not possible to set the size of the font which is used to 
> render the message text to a value below 10pt because the KHTMLPart 
> uses the hard coded HTML_DEFAULT_MIN_FONT_SIZE.

actually, its 7px which is something around 5pt (and even less for high 
resolution displays). 

> it's in theory possible to do this via KHTMLSettings::init(KConfig*...) 
> but we really don't want to have a full blown KHTMLSettings config 
> dialog in KMail just to be able to change one value.

Why don't you reuse the font size settings that are configured in the 
konqhtml kcontrol?

How do you set the medium font size right now?

PS: kfm-devel at might be more appropriate..

Dirk (received 81 mails today)

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