Klas Kalass klas.kalass at
Fri Feb 7 11:47:32 GMT 2003

Am Freitag, 7. Februar 2003 11:46 schrieb Sebastian Trueg:
> Hy Klas (and everybody),
> since I release K3b 0.8 on Monday I thought if it was ok for me to create a
> K3B_0_8 branch?
I think so. 
And while you are at it, you should tag the release too (K3B_0_8_BRANCH and 
K3B_0_8_RELEASE). But please both only in the k3b and doc/k3b subdirs. 

I do not know what to do with translation and admin dir, but maybe it is OK to 
only allow "head" state for those. You could add the exact time/date of the 
release tagging to your ChangeLog, so the state of admin dir and translations 
can be recovered more easily when you need it at some time in the future.

Hmm, but after looking at the output of 'cvs log admin/Makefile.common' I 
think we might be allowed to go nuts tagging kde-i18n and admin.

So, core-devels:
Would it be OK for the extra gear folk to tag kde-i18n and admin for all 
releases & branches of all apps? Should we contact sysadmin at for the 
tagging of kde-i18n and admin?

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