Nove Hrady - A possible Meeting for KDE fellows

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Thu Feb 6 20:40:28 GMT 2003

Dne čt 6. února 2003 19:27 Matthias Ettrich napsal(a):
> On Wednesday 05 February 2003 20:01, Tim Jansen wrote:
> [snip]
> > IMHO it is a very good idea. Transportation is my no 1 concern regarding
> > Nove Hrady. Cheap airlines only fly to Prague, and I am not keen on a 2
> > hours trip through a country that's far away and whose language I don't
> > understand.
> SuSE/Prague kindly offered (or at least indicated) to organize transport
> from Prague. I assume they will be able to hent people at the Airpot and
> put them in a shuttle. Lubos?
> Matthias

Yes, Luboš, me or other people from SuSE/Prague will do our best :) Although I 
don't currently live in Prague, I volunteer to arrive one day before the 
event and to organize this.

When the time comes and we decide the event will take place for sure, it would 
be the best to set up a webpage where people could sign up indicating their 
arrival date/time so that we can pick them up at the airport (or railway 
station), gather at SuSE offices and then do the transport to Nové Hrady.

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