Nove Hrady - A possible Meeting for KDE fellows

Andrea Rizzi rizzi at
Wed Feb 5 14:55:56 GMT 2003

> We were discussing a KDE conference on irc. As we agreed on last year,
> it would be nice to do a conference outside Germany for a change.
> Suggested location: Academic and University Center Nove Hrady in the
> Czech Republic. That's close to the beer capital Budweis and the
> Austrian town Linz, only a bit more than 1 hour away from Vienna, and
> ca. 2 hours from Prague.

I think it would be nice to organize a meeting like that near London Stansted 
airport so that we can reach it from all europe with a 19Euro RyanAir ticket.
Frankfurt too is good for ryanair (i.e. route from italy,northern spain, 
souther france, norway,sweeden, UK).


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