Binary incompat Fridays?

Mirko Boehm mirco.boehm at
Wed Feb 5 13:53:46 GMT 2003

<quote who="Stephan Kulow">
> Am Tuesday 04 February 2003 19:49 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:

>> I know that BC commits should be relatively rare given that we aren't
>> breaking APIs that were released in previous versions, but I'd still
>> like to minimize the pain of reworking new APIs for others.
> Friday is a bad day actually. I think, it's kind of important to keep
> the need to recompile away from weekends as the weekend is the most
> productive time for most (non students :) developers.
Absolutely second that. Actually, I think Monday is my most unproductive
day, and a nice possibility to commit your weekend work.


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